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minyaruthien's Journal

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"o", 60's fashion, 80's music, abt, aladdin, alice in wonderland, anime, ashlee simpson, austin powers, back to the future, ballet, beauty and the beast, beeples, ben stiller, biking, bishounen, blades of glory, brendan fraser, bumblebees, bust a groove, butterflies, california adventure, caterpillars, cats broadway, catwoman, center stage, chibis, cirque du soleil, clowns, club kids, clubbing, computers, coppelia, crispin glover, dance, dancing, dc comics, ddr, dior, disneyland, diving, dolls, dolphins, drawing, dvds, elephants, elf, elijah wood, elves, ethan steifel, excel saga, faeries, fairies, fashion design, final fantasy, finding nemo, furries, gizmo, gremlins, guess, gullwings, gwen stefanie, gymnastics, harley quinn, hawaii, heatherette, hobbits, hyenas, interview with the vampire, jake gyllenhaal, janet jackson, jazz dance, jessica simpson, johnny depp, johnny weir, joker, jokerz, ka, kingdom hearts, kirsten dunst, kristin kreuk, ladybugs, laurel and hardy, lions, lisa frank, lord of the rings, love, magic, magic mountain, magicians, manga, microwaves, mp3s, mystere, newsies, nightmare before christmas, oh my goddess, orcas, orlando bloom, owen wilson, paine, parakeets, peter pan, phantom of the opera, photoshop, piano, pirates of the caribbean, pixies, poison ivy, pools, prada, r&b, rainbows, revolutionary girl utena, richie rich, rikku, roller coasters, sacha radetsky, sailing, sailor moon, samoyeds, sanrio, sea world, shark tale, shrek, starsky and hutch, summer, surfing, swimming, the lion king, the little mermaid, tigers, tim burton, tinkerbelle, toaster ovens, tolkien, tom welling, toy story, traveling, traver rains, universal studios, varekai, wizard of oz, writing, yuna, zebras, zoolander, zumanity